Report an Incident

SPJA deeply appreciates your willingness to report a concern or incident! With your help, we can make SPJA events and activities safer for everyone.

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* 1. Please choose one of the following incident types:

* 2. Please use the space below to describe the incident as specifically as possible. For example: “I witnessed a fellow employee violating the Youth Protection Policy by making a sexual comment to an underage attendee.” OR “I witnessed a photographer taking inappropriate photos.”

* 3. Please tell us, to the extent possible, when and where the incident took place. For example, “The photographer was taking photos in the X hall on Saturday, July 3rd at 3 pm.”

* 4. Please tell us the names, if known, of anyone involved in the incident.

* 5. Were there witnesses? If so, who?

6. If you want to receive a follow-up and provide additional help as needed, please provide your name and mobile number in the space below. You may also choose to make this report anonymously, and not provide your name.
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Whether you have chosen to or provide contact information, or report an incident anonymously, we appreciate your help! Prompt and thoughtful reporting of incidents will help make SPJA events and activities fun and safe for everyone.